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Gunther Sonnenfeld, April 28 2022

The Living Word

God's word is the incorruptible seed of life. This has a number of dimensions to it in how we regenerate ourselves, natural systems, and all of life itself.

The living word provides us with an actionable blueprint for existing in Divine grace. From there, we can:

+ grow into grace

+ develop the spirit for ultimate wisdom

+ integrate with the organic componentry of life

The underlying phenomenon is known as regeneration, which has distinct spiritual/metaphysical, scientific and economic characteristics.

As one explores faith and the science behind it, it becomes more and more evident that Divine intelligence is literally embedded, and represented, in every complex pattern, of every system, and every component of that system.

The point is that we are here to cooperate and collaborate through others with God, and to bring out the best in what has been created for our regeneration and reuse to enable more stable futures, and more stable leaders guiding those futures.

If we apply this to the environment, to the creation of companies, to making organic products, to working on relationships with people, and to the development of our overall well being, we can discover real truths about the world that break free of illusions and false dichotomies.

Contrary to what is said about truth, it is not subjective nor relative. Truth is innerstood as reality in the living word, and intuited as a future possibility. Anything and everything is possible when we abide by it, and cooperate with our Divine Creator.

Thus the living word is given to us a gift, one we must cherish and uphold in living out the best versions of ourselves.

Written by

Gunther Sonnenfeld

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