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Gunther Sonnenfeld, February 2 2022

Regeneration On Investment

As entrepreneurs, we're still stuck in an old financial paradigm. But as old narratives break down, and new models emerge, we may be onto something that sustains itself, as well as all life on this planet.

What if fundamental, evidence-based science and nature's laws provided the one and only key to our economic futures?

To answer that, and build upon it, we would of course have to acknowledge that economies are far more than the dead matter they once measured. They are the sum total of everything that lives, and everything that interacts, to include any and all measurements of value.

Measurements of value lead to returns on investment. Whether ROI is achievable or even realistic depends quite a lot on our perceptions of value and our uses of capital.

Even more so, as evidenced by a biosphere greatly out of balance, the responsible stewardship of natural resources and ROI must be interlinked. That is, as a means of resource independence.

Put another way, more people who have more access to resources and are taught the skills to regenerate those resources in the forms of new resources and recurring revenue, can thrive on their own terms. This at once removes social decay, and provides a baseline for a far more peaceful co-existence.

For the last 5000 years, and perhaps dating back nearly 14,000 years ago, this scenario has not existed within mass civilization.

And now as these old, pervasive financial, agricultural and ecological systems collapse onto themselves, models which we once deemed experimental are now being applied with greater frequency and scale.

Here's a primer on this regenerative movement, along with the implications on our broader economy, as well as the more acute financial details.

Actual business cases and impact measurements are also getting clearer to map out and apply in the real world.  This business case is one we are working on for a friend's regenerative farm/ranch in the province of Ontario, Canada.

Between land, resources, technology, methodology and people, the proof-positive mechanics are revealing themselves such that it is possible we will be able to deploy these models, and integrate them more commercially, in just a few years time.

Contrary to what mainstream pundits tell us, the future is ours.

We just have to envision it, map it out, and build intently towards it. Reframing our notions of ROI is a great start.

Written by

Gunther Sonnenfeld

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