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Gunther Sonnenfeld, April 5 2022

The Science Behind Faith

The scientific evidence for the existence of God and His architectural footprint across the known Universe are emerging in an undeniable way.

In a recent post, we explored a distinct transition in public thinking from godlessness to an acknowledgment of faith-based principles.

Now it is apt to explore the distinct scientific evidence that substantiates our faith in God, and where the merger of divine intelligence and the scientific method is leading us.

Perhaps one of the most recent and remarkable witness testimonies to the Christian faith comes from Dr. Sy Garte, who as a retired biochemist and former atheist, had profound supernatural experiences that reoriented his view of science and the role that faith plays within it.

For those who are unfamiliar, Dr. Garte has written two books on the subject, joining a wave of authorship over the last three decades regarding the paths that evidence-based science has paved towards the recognition of a Divine Creation as the source origin of Everything That Is.

In other words, metaphysical logic now guides the evolutionary path of all life in the Universe.

Of particular emphasis is Dr. Garte's mention of abiogenesis, which I summarize in this piece. Abiogenesis is not just an academic theory, but something that is being used as an interdisciplinary scientific approach to study the distinct origins of life and the originating processes as defined by a complex genetic blueprint.

The key understanding here is that evolutionary theorists have assumed that self-replication is the core explanation for the proliferation of life while dismissing God's architecture, even though the genetic blueprint that emanates from this architecture could not possibly provide a structure that is at once perfect in its copies, with each being completely unique. So, no man or genetic engineer could reproduce this without the complex genetic blueprint already provided to them.

As one example of abiogenesis, we are able to map distributions of codons in genomic sequences, which map these genetic codes to the tree of life.

Nuclear physicist and interdisciplinarian George Merkl took this a step further, by identifying ATP Chondria that could regenerate biochemical properties in organisms, and do incredible things, such as cure diseases like cancer and autoimmune deficiencies.

Merkl, by the way, was a Christian.

As we head into a new era of scientific, theological and environmental discoveries, we will no doubt see a revitalized relationship with our Creator which enables us to see all the amazing mechanics behind His divine work.

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Gunther Sonnenfeld

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