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Developing a sound currency based on transferable energy.

(Photos by: Erika Martinez)

(photos: Erika Martinez)



Sound Currency

From Programmable Money to Sound Currency

Presently, no form of stable money exists anywhere in the world. Between precious metals which are controlled by paper contracts, cryptos which are mostly controlled by selective consensus, and FIAT which is controlled by central planners, there is no “safe haven” mechanism to transact and support businesses at

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Sound Currency

Major Advances Beyond Blockchains

Owning infrastructure as economic participants means that we own our economic activity. When we actually own the cables and wires which power the Internet, the wallets on the Internet that hold the 1s and 0s representing real assets, and the represented assets in those wallets - including the labor used to create the assets - then we are the...

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Sound Currency

Creating Real World Utility

Blockchain advocates love to throw around terms like utility to describe the value of the technology. Much of it is marketing fluff. Blockchains are just record books of transactions. Cryptos are just tokens representing marked ledgers. NFTs on their own are just serial numbers attached to digital

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A special program that helps troubled youth transform into leaders of their communities.
The world's first truly self-sovereign identity management system.
The world's first sound currency based on a Joules standard.
The world's first truly autonomous interoperating system.
Individual Empowerment Leading To Individual Freedom
Technology Protecting Individual Freedom
"My Data Under My Control"

(Meaning: "Your Data, Your Control")

As a business operator, you matter more now than ever before.

With hyperinflation on goods and services increasing at unprecedented levels, human and

ecological needs are the real markets of opportunity.

More businesses, small and large, must fulfill these needs, at scale.

Our collective futures rely on us getting past corrosive political and cultural ideologies and

getting down to the business of building the change we seek.

Economic freedom and systemic resilience only happen when we roll up our sleeves and do the

hard work ourselves.

There is no “new normal”, nor does there need to be.

Let’s map out your transformation so that we can be valuable partners to new market makers.

To rebuild a stable economy, we must be strong, open and strategic together.

The Session Covers 3 Phases:

+ Understanding your current situation and capabilities

+ Dialoguing around what's possible

+ Aligning on potential solutions or pivots to the business

Participants are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible, and are asked to take notes.

People come to me about developing their own currency platforms, how to structure/safeguard their own digital assets, how to innovate with limited resources, or how to diversify in an economic downturn. The goal is to generate wealth, preserve wealth, and seek new ways to sustain profits while sustaining the planet, in the near- and long-term.







You should actually own the money you use. (Currently, you don’t.)

You should actually own your labor used to acquire the money you use. (Currently, you don’t.)

You should actually own the assets you acquire with money you use. (Technically, you might not.)

You should actually own the cables, wires, bits, bytes & wallets that carry your money. (Currently, you don’t.)

You should be able to lend to your peers without a bank or any other 3rd party. (Most often, you can’t.)

You should be able to borrow or lend without debt interest or network fees. (Currently, you can’t.)

You should be able to invest in other businesses without regulators. (Currently, you can’t.)

7 Rules for Sound Currency

Toward a Stable Economy:

The Case for a Sound Currency

The Great Need + Offered Solution for Autonomous Economic Activity in a Time of Borderless Trade & Finance

Gunther Sonnenfeld
Marcel Donges
Managing Partners & Enterprise Technologists Cerulean Circle GmbH




("Peaks and Valleys" by Gunther Sonnenfeld)

("Peaks and Valleys" by Gunther Sonnenfeld)



I am In Service to Others as the primary driver of Service to Self. In other words, helping others supersedes material desires. I am a devout Catholic. I am not an apologist nor an evangelist, just a man who practices the faith deep within the core of his being. The faith has literally changed my life. Practicing it has made my life more fulfilled, and more challenged, in every possible way. I believe in sound, applied science to drive faith-based principles forward. I believe we are a part of something, and are rebuilding something, well beyond this world as we understand it. I am pragmatically hopeful about the future. All of the Creator’s divine creations (us) have the ability to co-create in the splendor of Divine origination. We shall continue to awaken to the possibilities within us, and all around us.



I merge math, code and science to create economic instruments which are intended to make a positive difference in the world. I have a background in enterprise encryption/data structuring, full-stack development, and bioecological/environmental systems design. My present focus is on post-quantum cryptography, WebNext infrastructure beyond the blockchain, and natural resource regeneration.


  • Managing Partner, Cerulean Circle (developer of large, sustainable digital infrastructures)
  • Co-Developer of C² (a sound currency based on a Joules standard)
  • Co-Founder of The ChangeUp Project (a program to help transform troubled youth into leaders of their communities)
  • Co-founder of RAIRtech (encrypted streaming NFT platform) - 8th startup
  • Co-developer of the first Bitcoin point-of-sale system deployed in 14 international markets; various early blockchain projects
  • Several complementary currency projects, ex: cryptobonds, private treasury-backed instruments
  • Forrester Groundswell Award - Adobe social analytics; Skype small business coefficient
  • Whole environmental systems design collaborations (various programs developed with MIT, USC, The UN, EPFL, Claremont McKenna, UC Irvine)
  • Inventor, Smart Ecologies (regenerative); Holonomials (algorithmic)
  • Former gov’t & corporate advisor, counterintel systems development/analysis/joint cybersecurity ops



Gunther spends most of his time in South Florida with his wife, Erika, their husky-samoyed, Kratos, and their tiger feline, Chiquito. He enjoys surfing, physical training, reading, writing, making art and playing the guitar.

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Catalyzing the Future
Claremont McKenna College
University of Southern California
Centifolia - Grasse, France
Cellcom - Tel Aviv, Israel

presenting to global innovators on building the new economy; talk starts at 1:30:00 and ends at 1:57:00

speaking to Google startup entrepreneurs about building systems that create positive impact in the world

presenting to graduate and post-doctorate students on big data, technology and investigative journalism

speaking to corporate and government stakeholders about building sustainable operations within their supply chains

The Jay Campbell Podcast
Miami Ad School
Miami Ad School
Gulltaggen - Oslo, Norway

a deeper conversation about how to reprogram your life and create the reality you want

presenting to students on immersive media and the types of emerging technologies we build to support it

presenting to students on multi-plaftorm storytelling and how it can transcend cultural mores and societal divides

speaking to Holonomics co-founders Simon Robinson and Maria Robinson about doing business in which people and planet matter

speaking to corporate and government stakeholders about the responsible uses of technology and storytelling

speaking to corporate and government stakeholders about the responsible uses of big data in product development



The perspectives section of this site features unique, on-the-ground observations affecting our lives, our work and our society that can be used to formulate solutions. Subscribers will receive a weekly newsletter and can access an archive of longer-form articles based on innovative work in the real world. It is a place for you to expand your mind, your spirit and your intentions in the ways that you feel the most comfortable, and the most inspired.

(“Seascape” by Gunther Sonnenfeld)



Power & Fluidity

In mathematics, a dynamical system is a system in which a function describes the time dependence of a point in an ambient space. Examples include models that describe the swinging of a clock pendulum, the flow of water in a pipe, and the number of fish each springtime in a lake. With the complexities of nature as observable in life, these dynamical...

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Illumination Through Christ

My father was one of very few people to have survived fascism and communism within a decade. On the night of his 6th birthday, November 9th, 1938, the Nazi SS stormed his family's home along with many other homes and Jewish-owned businesses in what is historically described as Kristallnacht, or the Night of the Broken Glass.

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Real World Power

This is a topic I have specifically avoided writing much about for a while, simply because of timing. Perhaps it is appropriate now that I disclose a key piece of information: I have been privy to the "private global war on the people" that has been waged in its current form for over a decade (closer to two). More broadly, this has been going on f...

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Fractional Redistribution

I'm sure you've heard about the calamities involving Terra and the crypto market this past week. This is a front signal for much stormier times ahead. In short, this is what really happened. Notice who the two bad actors are mentioned atop this message, and how much of the world's known financial assets they control.

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Reality Bytes

[the most detailed image of a human cell to date] Bioconvergence is an emerging phenomenon that seems to be gathering steam amid all the buzz around a technological singularity. As a practice, bioconvergence is described as a transdisciplinary field in which researchers from various scientific disciplines in areas such as medicine, nanotechnology a...

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Food Security

Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanu appeared on Fox Business a few days ago to give a bigger picture review of the current status of food production. Unanu does a great job outlining how the interconnected systems from field to fork impact consumers in what is now emerging as a food crisis. Unanu accurately states the U.S. food production system will ensure t...

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The Living Word

The living word provides us with an actionable blueprint for existing in Divine grace. From there, we can: + grow into grace + develop the spirit for ultimate wisdom + integrate with the organic componentry of life The underlying phenomenon is known as regeneration, which has distinct spiritual/metaphysical, scientific and economic characteristics....

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Natural Healthcare

Improperly managed systems have led to an improperly managed pandemic, and now the onus is on us to seek holistic, alternative forms of wellness that don't rely on pharmakeia. In ancient Greek lexicon, and as referenced in the Bible, pharmakeia means: 1) the use or the administering of drugs;

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Stacking Convergences

The merging of systems shows us something quite positive about our future(s), that is, if we're willing to look deeper. The convergence of sequences of random variables to some limit random variable is an important concept in probability theory, and its applications to statistics and stochastic processes. Stochasticity refers to the property of...

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Climate Shifting

As someone who has been very active in developing technology-centric environmental solutions, I have long maintained that there are two primary factors for environmental decay: Supply chain inefficiencies and compound global pollution. There are, of course, lots of modeling that pits CO2 emissions against climate mitigation benchmarks. But if you'r...

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Gnosis is common Greek for knowledge. The term was used among various Hellenistic religions and philosophies resident in Greco-Roman cultures, and pervasive across them. Surprisingly, a wide variety of these practices are still acknowledged and used in occult (hidden) understandings of modern religion, science, philosophy, politics, and society wri...

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Monetary Viscosity

Recently, we explored the gross commodification of financial and natural assets signifying a real reset. Now we’ll explore the applied concept of value, and a related function known as velocity, both of which provide additional insight into where things are headed in the foreseeable future.

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The Science Behind Faith

In a recent post, we explored a distinct transition in public thinking from godlessness to an acknowledgment of faith-based principles. Now it is apt to explore the distinct scientific evidence that substantiates our faith in God, and where the merger of divine intelligence and the scientific method is leading us.

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The Transfiguration of Fear

The narratives of fear are getting more intense, and more desperate. Meanwhile, humanity is awakening to its true potential. I have written extensively (enough) regarding a global war on humanity. Recent assessments can be found here, here and here. I will not expend any more time or energy on the lies and propaganda that fuel this war.

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Human Identity

Contrary to what most people think, we’ve been living in an Orwellian surveillance state for about 30+ years. This isn’t anything we should despair over, we should just be aware of an abrupt end to centralized automation, and acknowledge that decentralized methods for processing data are well underway, simply because the largest corporations and in...

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Green Back Better

While mainstream presstitutes follow orders from their masters on pushing The Great Reset narrative, the Ukrainian proxy war is showing us the economic hand that the globalists are actually playing. I’ve laid out much of that context here and here. First, let’s acknowledge some of the recent market front signals we can openly see.

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Seeking Moral Genius

When most people talk about genius, they refer to a superior intellectual capacity. Geniuses are the product of quirkiness, isolation, misunderstanding, and sheer creative abandon. They are not thought to be conscious in the ways we might consider consciousness to be a deeply spiritual process of discerning what is good or beautiful or kind or comp...

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Homo Economicus Non-Redux

Homo Economicus is a term coined to describe the ability of a human being to make a rational economic decision in their day-to-day life, fulfilling their wants, desires, and needs in an optimal manner. The history of the term dates back to the 19th century when John Stuart Mill first proposed the definition. He defined the economic actor as one "w...

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A Message from Above

Please watch this. [link] And then read this. [link]

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World War Wokeness, Part Deux

Well, here we are. We've got a nice (and ugly) look at the bigger picture, both economically, and geopolitically. While the history behind it is deep and elusive, it's a tough pill to swallow. But perhaps it can go down just a bit easier knowing that if we're prepared, we can also be optimistic, as well as opportunistic.

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(Marco Island, Florida / photo: Erika Martinez)