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Gunther Sonnenfeld, May 24 2022

Real World Power

Have you considered that just about none of what we see playing out on the world stage is real? If so, you might be pleasantly surprised about the phase shift to something far better.

This is a topic I have specifically avoided writing much about for a while, simply because of timing.

Perhaps it is appropriate now that I disclose a key piece of information: I have been privy to the "private global war on the people" that has been waged in its current form for over a decade (closer to two). More broadly, this has been going on for well more than a century.

It is not important, nor appropriate in terms of "classified" information, that I share with you any of the grittier (uglier?) details surrounding this, other than to say that what we face as a civilization has little if anything to do with proxy wars between nation states, and everything to do with class and cultural warfare against the "common man and woman".

What we can explore here are the macro details.  It is also equally important to establish that we will win this war against an evil "elite" ruling class because it was already won when the commitment was made to upend the beast system that has kept humanity enslaved for centuries.

At the foundation of this war is a seemingly never-ending stream of spiritual battles. I have written about this briefly here, here and here.

Critically important to the overall equation as it is, we can return to the spiritual element at another time. What might be helpful to you and anyone who has not been knowingly exposed to any of the deeper elements of this war - which would comprise about 99.9% of the population - are the optics and underlying mechanics of this situation, as illustrated in full breadth.

For starters, there are people who are far better than me at explaining how the war is actually waged, which can be described as 5th generation warfare.

But let's move past tactical methods, and get to the strategic context, which involves significant movements we can identify as an asynchronous phase shift in real world affairs.

This phase shift can be explained in 3 modalities that operate in different time sequences.

The first involves the real military, based in the U.S. along with a restructuring of 17 nations in Europe (unpublicized, of course), that is dismantling the criminal cabal which has been supported/buttressed by a Mercantile Order (the illegitimate structure for commerce that benefits a select few), in a "retakeover" of sorts.

The breakdown of this Mercantile Order which constitutes "a real reset" - undoing Crown/admiralty/maritime law ("the law of the sea by land") that has secretly kept commerce locked up in financially rigged markets for the last 136+ years. This also has significant implications in which supply chains recouple at the local level, as do energy and food systems.

The third modality involves the emergence of decentralizing and ultimately autonomous systems moving from Web2/Web3 to quantum functions of various kinds (scientific, technological, medical, etc.). This marks a significant departure from traditional command-and-control functions, to self-sustaining ecosystems, along with various ways innovators are providing cyber-physical alternatives for living and working.

Then there are layers of military, corporate, government and civilian intelligence that we must identify in understanding what constitutes a long-standing, counterinsurgent self-organizing collective.

To be clear, this self-organizing collective is not some theory or "nice idea" - it is very real, and very much intended to rebalance the natural world order which has descended into unabated corruption, environmental/social destruction, and rampant criminality.

Here is a graphic of the primary intelligence layers at play, their core functions, and what isn't being discussed in the mainstream as to the real potential impact on the world's populations.

Keep in mind that about 80% of all military, corporate and government intelligence operations are outsourced. This is a significant data point in realizing that power struggles and positioning for control over populations is far from black and white, and its complexities end up only creating more uncertain outcomes, albeit with less probabilistically malicious outcomes, as we've explored recently.

Nonetheless, we are dealing with undoing and eradicating many secret operations in literal Orders of Magnitude, over generations of time. Given what is stated above about fifth-generation warfare, now watch this "recruitment video" for Army special forces.

Do you notice who is being called out, and who these efforts actually aim to protect?

As ex-special forces/military intel officer Dr. Robert D. Hickson (currently Professor of Strategic and Cultural Studies at the United States Air Force Academy) has written:

"Indeed, there has often been 'a murky alliance' (as Marshall Pétain, among many others, once called it) between financial oligarchies usually unaccountable to any electorate of 'democracy' and revolutionary movements themselves, to include their own 'occult organizations of Revolution' with strategically subversive, and highly useful Secret Societies. The illuminating phrase, 'the occult organization of Revolution,' comes from the words of James Billington in his brilliant 1980 book of analysis, Fire in the Minds of Men: Origins of the Revolutionary Faith."

Dr. Hickson also references Louis Pawels' take on a prescient book written in 1990 by renowned globalist Jacques Attali, Lignes d’horizon (Lines on the Horizon), in regard to the Mercantile Order:

I would add that physical decolonization (to include anti-nativism) has been replaced with a mass colonization of the mind (per 5th generation warfare), which conceals the core operational mechanics of the Mercantile Order. In other words, why look under the hood, if no such hood perceptibly exists?

I have also detailed the specific maritime origins and current setup of this Mercantile Order here, along with its political-economic lobbying apparatus here.

Coming full circle, Dr. Hickson does a superb job of describing how we got to the current landscape of privatization that hybridizes warfare, finance and security servicing.

It is really important to always remember that left/right or Democrat/Republican designations are false dichotomies to keep the general population under mind control.

What's promising in the present moment is that not only are people waking up to a host of crimes against humanity (take your pick...), but they are also realizing that it is entirely in their hands as to when "the full truth" will be publicly acknowledged such that justice is delivered to the perpetrators, and options for new infrastructure are made abundantly aware to anyone paying attention.

This war on the people will likely extend another 10-20 years in terms of "removing all the bad apples", and in restoring the planet to a Divine Natural Order, but it is safe to say that we are accelerating towards this existence despite the mainstream attempts to make us believe otherwise. In fact, do not be surprised if the mainstream media is disassembled within 2-3 years as a result of their complicity in overt lies and deception.

God wins. God is very real. God in Christ and the Holy Spirit are very active and omnipresent in our choice to live in grace and goodwill with our fellow brothers and sisters. The enemy knows this, and is scrambling.

Keep the faith, and stay strong. Great times await those who are prepared.

Written by

Gunther Sonnenfeld

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