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Gunther Sonnenfeld, March 7 2022


                                                                                     [photo: Erika Martinez]

There are no coincidences, just event points of clearer and clearer meaning which emerge indefinitely as the Great Mysteries.

Psychologically, Carl Jung introduced the term synchronicity (syn = with, chronos = time) to describe the simultaneous occurrence of events (or coincidences) which apparently have no clear cause, but are nonetheless deeply meaningful.

Spiritually, synchronicity means you understand that you are a Soul and that you are not alone on your life journey. You have divine guidance available to you at all times. There is a divine organizing intelligence at work and that there is a cause and effect relationship to every single element in the universe.

Scientifically, we call the elemental interactions of cause and effect quantum entanglement.

Isn't it interesting, then, that we can find the supernatural everywhere in nature - a new, observable synchronicity of sorts?

I call this being a humble witness to God's divine architecture, and the manifestation of its care in nature (human or environmental), God in Christ.


                                                                                      [photos: Erika Martinez]

Written by

Gunther Sonnenfeld

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