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Developing a sound currency based on transferable energy.

Gunther Sonnenfeld, October 26 2022

Major Advances Beyond Blockchains

Owning infrastructure as economic participants means that we own our economic activity.

When we actually own the cables and wires which power the Internet, the wallets on the Internet that hold the 1s and 0s representing real assets, and the represented assets in those wallets - including the labor used to create the assets - then we are the gatekeepers of this economic activity.

Owning our economic activities as our own responsibilities, and then sharing or redistributing them to others with that embedded responsibility, is a goal worth attaining.

All of these developments are in play. We have a ways to go in terms of breaking through ideologies and naive notions of how things actually work.

We’ll get there soon enough. What matters is that we understand the systems, and how to build new systems, that significantly disrupt or replace the current paradigm.

Reality is, quantum processing and computation will break even the most advanced cryptographic standards. Multinational corporations and governments already have this capability. 

It is time to design a different future, in part by preparing for one we may not like. 

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Gunther Sonnenfeld


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