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Gunther Sonnenfeld, October 27 2022

From Programmable Money to Sound Currency

Presently, no form of stable money exists anywhere in the world

Between precious metals which are controlled by paper contracts, cryptos which are mostly controlled by selective consensus, and FIAT which is controlled by central planners, there is no “safe haven” mechanism to transact and support businesses at scale.

Digitization has revealed to us the inherent flaws of a system that increases the leverage of a ruling class, while decreasing the value that can be shared by the people. 

Ironically, when the labor value of the people is commodified beyond the point of return on natural resources, the assets produced for a ruling class have less and less value… which can quickly go to zero. A zero-sum game becomes a “nobody wins” game. 

There is no “Great Reset”. There is only the opportunity for us human beings, irrespective of our socioeconomic backgrounds, to build a different set of systems. 

A different set of systems would be those which aren’t akin to global socialism, democratic centralism, or monopsonistic capitalism. We don’t need to repeat the same historical mistakes; rather, we must amplify the better aspects of our evolution.

Decentralization has revealed to us that it is an important process towards redistributing value, but not an outcome that guarantees it. 

Decentralization without real autonomy is just a process with no individual guarantees on self-sovereignty or personal control of outcomes.

A sound currency solves for most if not all of this. It is designed to be a self-managed unit of value denominated in embodied energy (Joules), a new economic framework, and a unique, frictionless technology all in one.

Written by

Gunther Sonnenfeld


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