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Gunther Sonnenfeld, April 5 2022

The Transfiguration of Fear

Per Thoreau via FDR, there is nothing to fear but fear itself. And now is the time we transform it into something positive, beautiful, constructive and everlasting.

The narratives of fear are getting more intense, and more desperate.

Meanwhile, humanity is awakening to its true potential.

I have written extensively (enough) regarding a global war on humanity. Recent assessments can be found here, here and here.

I will not expend any more time or energy on the lies and propaganda that fuel this war.

As you may have gathered through my posts and my body of work, I am committed to solutions, and therefore I write about what I do in order to inspire others to collaborate or to orchestrate their own forms of civic and commercial participation.

Spirituality - defined here as a structured relationship with God that involves cooperation with Divine intelligence in the pursuit of what can be considered moral genius - is the centerpiece of this commitment.

In other words, there is nothing, and we are nothing, without God. More specifically, God in Christ.

So what can we do, right now, to facilitate this significant spiritual shift? To transcend the fear that is all around us?

First, we can recognize the godlessness that inhibits us from from pursuing moral greatness. The simple acceptance that a godless society is a virtueless society is a huge first step in recovering from the slumber of constant iniquity and seemingly unbridled chaos.

Second, we can recognize the spiritual partnerships that are inherent between canonical teachings and the wisdom traditions. For example, Jesus and Gautama (Buddha) have a special relationship.

The indigenous people have a special relationship through nature with the Creator. Church leaders - some of whom represent the most conservative, orthodox approaches, have acknowledged this, and pointed out a distinct alignment with the teachings of the Church.

We are even witnessing a revival of Christianity amongst Native American peoples, post-colonialism, which speaks volumes about a principled approach to honoring God the Creator, while preserving the great cultural traditions of song and dance unique to each and every native society.

Third, we can recognize that we are each unique, divine expressions of Creation. God loves diversity - just look at all the different species of plants and animals there are. Look at how diverse we are, simply by design.

Finally, we can embrace a call-to-action in love over fear.

This is, no doubt, not an easy thing at all - our minds tend to come up with all sorts of ways to sabotage the love of ourselves and each other.

That said, communion with God in Christ brings us to a place of peace that is undeniable. The struggle in getting there is very real, and at times, seems insurmountable.

That is precisely what our internal journey provides us: The hard challenges from which our Souls evolve out of fear-based constructs, and into Creation-based modalities.

Quite a worthwhile challenge it is...

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Gunther Sonnenfeld

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