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Gunther Sonnenfeld, June 8 2022

Power & Fluidity

Dynamical systems emerge with every significant phase shift in our evolution. Perhaps it's time to consider that these first principle mechanics are Divine by their very nature.

In mathematics, a dynamical system is a system in which a function describes the time dependence of a point in an ambient space. Examples include models that describe the swinging of a clock pendulum, the flow of water in a pipe, and the number of fish each springtime in a lake.

With the complexities of nature as observable in life, these dynamical systems also evolve, producing more complex scientific phenomena to observe. You might consider this the "quantumness" or "quanta" of the experiences we live.

As life goes on, and I have accumulated more experiences that are considered "supernatural" or "transcendent", it has become easier to accept that the metaphysical precedes and guides the physical.

For most scientists, this is still a major stretch in logic. For most technologists, there is no logic to apply that isn't predetermined in an algorithm. For most theologians, science and God are not inexorably linked, when they probably should be.

Let's consider a simple proposition: Whatever we can't explain we try to rationalize, and whatever we can't rationalize, there seems to be no explanation.

We tend call these gaps in logic mysteries. I call the exploration of these mysteries, in part, getting closer to God.

One way to think about God, and to know God, not as a concept but rather as an experience, is to acknowledge that God is anything and everything that is clearly understood, and anything or everything that isn't.

God has given us tools with which to build this inner relationship, and embody its principles, as a deeply human experience.

+ Archetypal perfections in His image which give us a basis towards perfection, which we accept as Grace.

+ An acquaintance with the Father Creator (the One Infinite Originator), the Holy Divine Mother (Divine Feminine), the Prodigal Son (Divine Masculine), and as represented in the Pentultimate Divine Intelligence known as the Holy Spirit.

+ A relatedness with all things living which are elemental and Universal, along with a Twoship in the way we connect to that relatedness.

As we embody a relationship with God, we also experience the raw Power of God's life-giving.

The fluidity of this Power is what we carry forward as we conceive more life, the beginning of a new reality, or as we co-creating things that work with nature (a second order set of laws in accordance with the first order Divine).

We, as humans, live an earthly and Universal experience as wellsprings of life in the Divine.

Hence, our metaphyical attributes (our Souls) are far more important in our development becoming better humans.

And as such, the Power of prayer and meditation connect us directly to this Divinity, affecting energy (we live in an electric Universe), and re-engineering the manifested realities we experience as Co-Creators of our own fates via freewill.

From there, we prepare for Eternal Life which follows physical death in this "instance" of the world we experience over time.

What an amazing thing for any one of us to grasp, and strive towards!

Written by

Gunther Sonnenfeld

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