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Gunther Sonnenfeld, March 4 2022

DAO and The Seemingly Unbearable Lightness of Being

We're reaching the end of Empire, and we have lots to consider as technology drives the development of systemic alternatives.

If you're paying attention to the optics of world events, as I suspect you very much are, you may be sensing a polar shift in conscious awareness.

This awareness grounds itself in a recognition that the system is not what it purports to be in reality.

The long-brewing conflict in the Ukraine is just one proxy, or "head fake", for the ruling class elite to attempt a world government takeover. Despite many years of planning, it's not working, and it's not going to work moving forward, although sadly, there will many human and environmental casualties in this process.

Alongside of this remains the deep sleep, the "unconsciousness", blanketing the population.

Be that as it may, many people are in fact waking up, and they're starting to ask very existential questions.

Among them are the questions about economic advantage, a yield curvature of sorts, which springs from the chaos of imposed crackdowns on society writ large.

[image credit: "Lunar Punk and the Dark Side of the Cycle", www.egirlcapital.com]

Whether this "better yield" is just another unethical mechanism for financial advantage is not really the point; what matters is what the rest of us have to do to free ourselves from tyranny.

This is where technology reenters the picture in a different way.

The DAO construct that has proliferated amongst the Ethereum community for a while is applying the open model of a decentralized autonomous organization in various forms of governance and capitalization.

More importantly, it is inspiring an innovative movement that can be effectively applied to the physical world, such as measurable environmental reform efforts.

What we need to think about right now is how we manage this movement in such a way that aligns our collective consciousness with a distinct moral imagination.

Getting to this "new" moral imagination requires a certain kind of reality simulation shift in which we are forced, by default, to move away from a distorted reality and return to an organic consciousness. From there, we face new sets of challenges involving "light" and "dark" as we synchronize the contrasts in our realization that we can live "something else". These realizations provide the feedback loop which fortifies our moral imagination.

I've written extensively about what this shift looks like and what it represents. If you have a bit of time, I think the material will help contextualize what this transition looks like, and towards what.

                                                                                [The Internet of Waves]

                                                                              [Quantum Web Objects]

                                                                            [Self-Simulating Nature]

As for the transition spawned by the DAO, we might consider that our existences need a complete reboot. This reboot comprises uncomfortable realizations that ultimately come about without the enabling hand of technology, such that we experience what I call the seemingly unbearable lightness of being.

You can ruminate on what this means for your own life, keeping in mind that a self-interested existence isn't sustainable for the world as we know it.

Here's to transition!

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Gunther Sonnenfeld

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