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Gunther Sonnenfeld, February 23 2022

Breaking Plutocracy

Have we had enough yet of a system which holds no truths to be self-evident?

Oh, the plutocracy!

In case you're wondering what a plutocracy is, we've been living in it for a while.

Clinically it is defined as "a society that is ruled or controlled by people of great wealth or income", or more pointedly: "Government by the wealthy."

Less formally - and that which goes almost completely unnoticed by the media and economists alike - is a "system of governance to include domestic and foreign policies driven by corporate lobbies."

We're basically living and working according to a lie, which is democracy. As I've mentioned in this recent post, no functional democracies actually exist among populations greater than a million people.

No, the United States is not a democracy, just as Liberia isn't, just as your local supermarket chain isn't either. The U.S. was a Constitutional Republic with bicameral voting mechanisms, that is, until the Constitution itself was butchered over time by both parties and pretty much all voting systems became rigged.

Jokes aside (as this is quite serious), we're actually in a phase of global socialist government that is pre-Communist, and backed by Marxist-Capitalist principles. It's called "social democracy" with optics that are, well, full of mistruths, disinformation and off-white lies.

Pretty scary, and also hard to believe. I mean, who wants to believe that our world leaders don't have our best interests at heart?

While we get over the shock of this centuries-old betrayal, here's some quick historical context on the formation of a global government. A lengthier version, with plenty of corroborating documentation, can be found here.

But please, don't despair, as there is a way out of this nightmare.

You see, none of this actually real. It really isn't it. In fact, it's so digitally surreal, it can't possibly sustain itself in the real world.

No, really.

[Great reading for those inclined to follow techno-psychopaths... Have at it! --> https://www.weforum.org/reports/advancing-digital-agency-the-power-of-data-intermediaries ]

First, beyond all the technical bells-and-whistles, all of this cacophonous digital daydreaming brings us to a fundamental truth about all populations that are ruled: We must continue to consent to this madness.

Here are the cliff notes:

And now... What to do about it:

There's probably (a lot) more to list, but it is pretty straightforward. I wouldn't normally leave you with a quote from myself, but why not, it's my website.

Listen friends - we're not just breaking bad, we're Breaking Plutocracy.

You feel me?

Sonnenfeld, out.

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Gunther Sonnenfeld

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